Baccarat gained notoriety throughout Europe in the 19th century. The aim of the game is to place a wager on the hand that totals nine or closest to nine. Wager on Player, Banker, Tie or Pairs with a Natural 9 being the winner. Baccarat’s popularity remains today, and is often referred to as the ‘Game of Kings’.

American Roulette

No visit to Colony Club is complete without a spin on the wheel. American Roulette is an exciting and fast moving game, with a wide selection of options to bet on in play. Place a chip on any number, a combination of numbers or any range of spread bets.


Blackjack remains the staple of any casino gaming experience. Simply better the dealer’s hand by drawing cards as close to 21 as possible. Avoid going over 21 to avoid going bust. ‘Blackjack’ is achieved when the players’ first two cards are an Ace and a ‘face’ card or a ten.


Our 8 electronic gaming tables provide the ideal place to play your favourite table games without the hustle and bustle of our live tables. Sample the best of American Roulette, Blackjack, 3 Card Poker, and Baccarat all at your fingertips.


The Colony Club offers the latest in slots from across the world, available to play. Our range of 20 slot machines includes two progressive jackpots with the opportunity to win up to £20,000.

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